Al Handal International Group Launches Pioneering Investment Bank, Al Asr, in Turkey

Al Handal International Group Launches Pioneering Investment Bank, Al Asr, in Turkey

Al Handal International Group has officially announced the establishment of "Al Asr" Bank as the first pioneering investment bank in Turkey. The new investment institution is expected to become a prominent player in the international banking sector, providing a wide range of innovative banking services tailored to its clients in Turkey.

The announcement follows the decision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), which was published on March 23, 2023. The new investment bank is expected to enhance the global presence of Al Handal International Group, which operates in various sectors such as construction, investment, real estate development, tourism, and others.

Mr. Wadeea Al Handal, Chairman of the Board of Al Handal International Group, expressed his joy with this important investment project, stating that it is part of the group's new strategy aimed at diversifying its products and services and making them available to all customers, saying, "We are delighted to establish Al Asr Bank, which aims to provide innovative financial services and solutions to our clients, including private and public businessmen in Turkey."

The new bank aims to be a reliable commercial and investment bridge between clients from Turkey, Iraq, and other regional and international countries. Its founders are committed to building a strong relationship with customers based on complete trust and mutual benefit. The main mission of the new bank is to provide innovative, customized services and solutions to its clients as well as meeting their banking needs with high-level offerings and competitive prices.

The new bank offers a wide range of banking services to investors inside and outside Turkey, especially those who wish to benefit from its guidance in their banking and commercial activities. It primarily focuses on investment banking services, corporate financing, wealth management, and commercial financing. It also plans to leverage the extensive expertise of Al Handal Group in the industry and investment by offering solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of all its customers.

In this regard, Mr. Wadeea Al Handal explained in a special statement that "Our goal is to provide an integrated range of banking services to our clients on Turkish soil. We believe that the establishment of Al Asr Bank will have a positive impact on the Turkish economy in particular and the entire region in general. This clearly reflects the ambitions and major directions of Al Handal Group since its inception."

The new bank operates under the supervision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) in Turkey and is managed by highly experienced professional staff with a broad understanding of the international banking sector. The new bank's board of directors includes prominent figures and names in the world of finance and business.


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