Eber Almodun (EMC)

Eber Almodun (EMC) was established in Baghdad. The main goal was to enable investments in several areas such as contracting within and outside of Iraq, developing projects, supplying and transportation of raw materials.

The Company has successfully developed collaborations with multiple Iraqi companies. Eber Almodun Company has earned the reputation to be one of the top construction firms in Iraq, and it offers opportunities to develop projects according to best standards.  


Ishtar Company (ISC) is one of the companies of Al Handal International Group. It provides a full range of security services, including executive protection, personal protection, residential security, VIP protection, maritime security, residential and corporate security systems and surveillance, general security for critical facilities, and guarding transported money. ISC staff are highly trained and experienced in guarding, security, and self-defense. They are trained appropriately to provide clients with their specialized security needs. The company offers all its expertise and latest technological security equipment to make sure its clients get the best service. 

Abr Almasafat

Abr Al masafat was established by HIG in Bagdad to take care of commercial agencies in the travel and tourism industry, especially in Iraq. Besides being the Exclusive General Agency (GSA) for Emirates Airlines and Emirates Holidays in Iraq they give customers wide range of options in the selection of the best holiday and travel needs of passengers from the start until the end of their journey. The company also arranges for Emirates Visit Visas for Iraqi citizens.  

FM Today [90.5]

This independent radio station was established in 2005. The station broadcasts a wide variety of programs covering the latest cultural, social, sports, entertainment and other relevant news. It prides itself on tackling the issues most important to the people of Iraq, but also on providing support to various ministries and governmental institutions seeking to communicate their services to the nation.

Ashur International Bank for Investment

Ashur International Bank (AIB) was established in 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. It is a pioneer in investment services and products with branches all over Iraq. It defines standards in this area with increasing demand for such services in the region and the world.

AIB is currently a member of Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees (ICBG). Mr. Wadeea Al Handal is founder and Chairman of the bank. Excellent customer service and catering to the specific and varying needs of customers are the main features of the bank’s business. The bank also aims to establish an efficient ATM system, search for new projects to support customers, break the traditional lending process, and hire highly experienced and qualified professionals. It strives to pursue these aims through programs provided by USAID and ICBG.  

Al Rased Foreign Currency Exchange

Al Rased Foreign Exchange was founded in 1999. Since then, it has established itself as a recognized and respected commercial institution in the Iraqi market. It offers a range of money-transfer and currency exchange services. Al Rased’s growth and reputation have seen it establish strategic partnerships with exchange and transfer service providers across Iraq and in various Arab countries.


In their quest to introduce new products across the Iraqi Market, HIG through its subsidiary Bayariq-Al-Farsan concluded a franchise contract with Paris Gallery Group based in Dubai. It opened doors to the first store in Baghdad in November 2015. This great achievement is considered as entering a new era of openness and modernization in the Iraq Market. The Store offers a range of luxurious international brands which includes watches, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories.

HIG is committed to providing the original high-quality products and outstanding service in accordance with international standards. In the next few years Paris Gallery branches will cover all the main provinces of Iraq through the HIG franchise. Paris Gallery group owns more than 90 stores distributors around the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain with more than 600 global brands.