Mr. Mohammed Noori Al Handal

Board Member  – CEO


Mr. Mohammed was born in 1978 in Iraq, and he was raised and educated there.

Despite his young age, he has held several positions in local and regional companies. He has contributed greatly in the leadership of the institutions he has worked in, leaving a clear legacy through the application of management and scientific principles that have clearly had a substantial role in providing a distinguished level of service by the institutions he worked in.

Mr. Mohammed has worked to establish some of the leading companies in the Middle East in trade, steel, aluminum, timber, basic goods, chemicals, and transportation. His leadership has had a large impact on the processes of provision of supplies and selection of services and expertise for the company, which all lead to its distinguished role in the region.

In addition, he is the Chairman of Al Jawhara Al Khaleejeya Trading Co., and Al Asalah Al Khaleejeya for export and import services in the UAE.

Mr. Mohammad is one of the founders of Ashur International Bank for Investment.

Mr. Mohammed assumes a great responsibility in the management of the companies of Al Handal Group as a member of the Board of Directors and CEO of the group since 2007. From these platforms he is committed to working hard to achieve the group’s goals and mission, and to constantly strive to improve it in every possible way.

In addition, he strongly  believes in development and investment in the employee’s and giving them opportunities of training to acquire new  skills, which in turn reflects on the experience, service and  quality provided to clients. His efforts have paid off in elevating the group to a known entity and distinguished name in the region through providing excellent services and adhering to principles and commitment to supporting the region’s economy.

As CEO of the group, Mr. Mohammed has worked hard in many areas to develop the company and satisfy the needs of its clients and investors. Thus, he has played a vital role in introducing investments and dealings in the stock exchange market, commodities, and general trading. With his clear vision and dedication, he has succeeded in the management of real estate projects especially in the UAE and in other countries generally where the group is active. This has reflected very positively on the group’s standing in the local and Arab markets, and built trust in its name and services.

As CEO of the group, Mr. Mohammed has the authority to represent the company when ratifying agreements and treaties with local, Arab, and international major companies to support the group and expand its activities and satisfy its customers and partners.


Mr. Wadeea Noori Al Handal
Mr. Hardan Noori Al Handal
Mr. Wadood Noori Al Handal
BOARD MEMBER – Executive Director