Mr. Hardan Noori Al Handal

Vice Chairman – ALHANDAL GROUP


Mr. Hardan was born in the year 1968. He was raised in Iraq. He has accumulated extensive business acumen  in many fields. This experience has enabled him to hold several key leadership positions in the region, mainly Iraq, Jordan, GCC countries, Turkey, in addition to Japan.

He has constantly worked with great and concentrated efforts along with the other members of the Board of Directors in the group, and in other companies, to gain an international reputation based on trust, integrity, professionalism, and customer and partner satisfaction as top priorities.

He has assumed responsibility of several important leadership and managerial positions, some of these are:

  • Vice Chairman of Al Handal International Group since its foundation.
  • Vice Chairman of Ashur International Bank for Investment since 2006.
  • CEO of Al Huda Establishment for Trading, Iraq.
  • Vice Chairman of Al Jawhara Al Khaleejeya Trading Co. in United Arab Emirates.
  • Main coordinator with international businessmen and strategic partners on behalf of Al Handal Group.
  • Chairman of Eber Almodun Co. for Contracting, Developing, Transport & General Trading, Baghdad.
  • Chairman of the Madinaty project administrative committee.

Mr. Hardan has contributed in formulating many deals and contracts that serve Iraq and the countries of the region. This has supported their economies and provided facilities to their people. Some of these contracts are:

  • Development of large housing projects, such as Future City project in Baghdad. The project contract was signed by Mr. Hardan and the Chairman of the National Investment Commission in November, 2014. In addition to Madinaty housing investment project in Kirkuk.
  • Launching Emirates Airlines destinations to several Iraqi cities including Baghdad.
  • Tourist privileges given to Iraqi travelers with Emirates Airlines, including priorities in hotel and other services reservations, and facilitation of all their needs during their trip and stay in UAE.
  • Signing an agreement with Paris Gallery Group to open 5 branches in 3 years in Iraq, which allows for world known brand products to be easily accessible to Iraqi citizens at a reasonable price.


Mr. Wadeea Noori Al Handal
Mr. Mohammed Noori Al Handal
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Wadood Noori Al Handal
Executive Director