The Company was initially established in the city of Baghdad, IRAQ


Haji Noori Ayyed Al Handal is credited with the establishment and continued success of HIG. He began his career in the early forties, starting from humble beginnings, he was soon to emerge as a force to reckon with in the commercial arena, in Iraq.  His determination, perseverance and long years of struggles eventually saw the creation of small and medium enterprises, these are now the cornerstone of established companies, specializing in trade and construction, amongst others.

The scope of work expanded and diversified in various fields. One such was the establishment of Ashur international bank. The number of subsidiaries expanded into United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon,  Turkey and most recently in Cyprus.

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was designated to be the headquarters of the group.  With the continued growth and development of the group over the past seventy years, the renaissance witnessed in this country was best suited to link energy and youth with experience.


In the last four decades, Al Handal International Group (HIG) has been an important part of Iraq’s business landscape. During this time, the country has been through many changes and seen much political unrest. HIG has continually grown, diversified and expanded during a period that presented many challenges to success. This stands as a testament to the determination of a company to be a leader in its field.

We are now at the dawn of a new era in Iraq, an exciting new time that promises many rewards for those who are committed to rebuilding the country and supporting its growth. Being part of that restoration is an important goal for HIG. As Iraq regains its position as a business capital in the region, we want to be there every step of the way.

With rebuilding and regeneration comes opportunities for new business ventures to the region. Interested companies from abroad look to invest in this region, build new partnerships and forge new alliances. This presents an exciting opportunity for companies like HIG, with a strong foothold in many   sectors and several decades of local and international connections.

As a company that was founded on and guided by the strongest ethical principles, we look to incorporate these values in our new business partnerships as we continue grown and develop.  Iraq understands that it can be truly rebuilt and reach its full potential by maintaining a strong ethical direction. This is an exciting time for HIG, those within the country, as well as in the region.

We look towards a brighter tomorrow of growth, expansion and new alliances, and offer you an opportunity to join us in building our country, our home, together.


Al Handal International Group (HIG) is committed to the highest quality standards and distinguished customer service. The company believes that its strength is the quality and experience of its people.

Our Goals are:

  • To provide quality service tailored to our clients’ diverse needs with innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • To provide a service which reflects our commitment to the prosperity of our community.
  • To nurture a working environment that is competitive and rewarding, with appropriate returns to shareholders and stakeholders.


  • To have a leading role in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, modernization and development programs in the Middle East.
  • To render high-quality networks, systems and services to governments and civil society, by adopting up-to-date strategies, technologies and methods. This is achieved through executable business plans, and provision of investments via international cooperation and partnership.
  • To provide effective solutions to contractors and investors in the fields of construction, oil products, telecommunications, public utilities, transport, travel and tourism as well as promoting and supporting an upgrade of these industries.
  • To establish a high technology state, a vast telecommunications network, and cable and wireless networks for public utility systems. In addition to enhancing our share in general world trade transactions.
  • To adopt technology advances and innovations to achieve progress, and constantly launch new services and applications.


Mr. Wadeea Noori Al Handal

Mr. Hardan Noori Al Handal

Mr. Mohammed Noori Al Handal

Mr. Wadood Noori Al Handal
Exec. Director

Mr. Noor Noori Al Handal
Board Member

Mr. Atheer Al Qadhi
Board Member

Mr. Abdul Hameed Al Saeed
Board Member

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