Al Handal Group plays major role at Baghdad International Book Fair – 07-18/02/2019

Dr. Barham Salih, the President of Iraq opened the 46th edition of Baghdad International Book Fair which is being held in Baghdad from 07-18 February, 2019. He was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) and Eng. Wadea Al Handal, Chairman of Iraqi Private Banks League (IPBL) and Chairman of Al Handal International Group (HIG). More than 650 publishers from 240 local, Arabic and regional countries participated in this important cultural event.

The president, also visited HIG’s pavilion which contained detailed information, mockups and drawings of the residential projects which are developed by the Group. The GM of Real Estate Development Company presented detailed explanation on all of these projects to the president. The GM also described that a plot of land was dedicated to contain a multi specialized cultural fairs among them “Book Fair”.

The Group’s pavilion was also visited by a number of officials, Parliamentarian members, and number of ambassadors and diplomats. All the visitors expressed their appreciation and admiration for efforts made by the group to develop such projects to make modern residential units available for Iraqi citizens with high specifications and international standards.