Al Handal Group participates in Baghdad International Fair 10-19/11/2018

The 45th session of Baghdad International Fair was launched from 10-19 November 2018 with the participation of 700 companies representing 17 countries with the motto “We are determined to build and reconstruct as we were determined to liberate and achieve victory”.

Al Handal International Group has a significant presence at the Fair showcasing all its subsidiaries.

Mr. Hardan Al Handal, the Vice Chairman inaugurated the group’s pavilion, which is amongst the prime pavilions participating at the Fair.

Mr. Al Handal was accompanied by members of staff and senior management of the group including those of distinct construction projects, namely Ashur International Bank, Trust International Islamic Bank, Amwal, GSA for Emirates Airlines, Madinaty Project, Burouj Project, Future City Project, EMC Real Estate Development Company, Ishtar Protection and Guard Company, Paris Gallery, Wolf Gym and Today Radio.

Al Handal Group’s objective for participating at the fair  is to implement a large-scale reconstruction campaign in Iraq. This is in cooperation with the UAE’s leading companies who’s strength and investment, support the execution of mammoth projects such as Madinaty in Kirkuk, Bayti in Tikrit and Burouj in Baghdad under construction as well as a vision for a Future City.

The Group Pavilion was visited by numerous Ministers and Senior Government Officials.