Al Handal Group honor Iraqi Weightlifters

On  2 September  2018, at a ceremony held in Baghdad, Iraqi weightlifter Safa Rashid Al Jumaili and Salwan Jassim Abboud were honored on the occasion of winning the Asian Games gold and silver medal respectively,  at the Asian Games held in Indonesia.  Wolf Gym together with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the Iraqi Private Banks League (IPBL) and Al Handal International Group (HIG) jointly facilitated the winners.

As part of the  award and in recognition of the international achievement they brought to Iraq,  the duo were presented with permanent membership at Wolf Gym, one of Al Handal International Group’s investments. The award was presented by Captain Omar Al Obeidi Director of Wolf Gym  and  Eng. Wadea Al Handal Chairman of HIG, who also announced awards presented from Wolf Gym, Emirates Airlines, (HIG is the GSA in Baghdad and Basra), in addition to awards from the CBI and IPBL. The ceremony was held at the Station in Baghdad, one of the projects of HIG in the field of entrepreneurship. The ceremony was attended by several high profile public entities  and community figures, representatives of the CBI, the IPBL and HIG’s community.