Your new life Address … Bayti Residential Project

Your new life Address … Bayti Residential Project sees the light in Tikrit on 22nd July, 2018 with the participation of distinguished public figures including the Council of Salahaddin province, Deputy Governor of Salahaddin province and some artists like Asia Kamal, Alaa Hussain, Qasim Almalak and Ayad Radi. The opening ceremony of Bayti residential project was inaugurated by Mr. Hardan Al Handal Vice Chairman who welcomed those who participated and contributed to the opening ceremony of the project. Mr. Hardan focused on the Group’s aspirations to expand residential projects that will help solve the housing problem and contribute to eliminate unemployment in the region.

Mr. Faris Balbeisy General Manager of Eber Almodun (EMC), developers of the project gave the closing speech. He presented a detailed explanation of the project components and implementation of the different phases and the payment mechanism.