Third Annual European-Iraqi Business and Investment Forum in Athens

The third annual Iraqi-European Business and Investment Forum held on 11th and 12th July 2018, concluded at the Intercontinental Hotel Hall in Athens.

In attendance was Mr. Wadeea Al-Handal, President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks & Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Handal International Group, Mr. Rashad Mabjar, the Secretary-General of the Arab-Greek Chamber, Dr. Mustafa Lahiti, President of the Reconstruction Fund for the Areas Affected by Terrorist Operations and Mr. Jaafar Rasul al-Hamdani, President of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce .

The Forum was divided into four sessions each constituting different topics. The first session emphasized on the plans & projects for the reconstruction of Iraq, the second session was devoted to banking systems and legislation in Iraq, subsequently the next was on sustainable energy and the petrochemical industries while the final session focused on vocational training and human resources development.

Senior Iraqi government figures, businessmen, industrialists and investors participated in the forum.