Eng. Wadeea Al Handal interviewed by France 24 Channel

On the 27 June 2018, “France 24 Arabic” interviewed the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks & Chairman of the Al Handal International Group Eng. Wadeea Al-Handal, who is currently visiting Paris to participate at the annual conference of the Union of Arab International Banks today.  During this  15 minutes interview they discussed the present and future of banking  in Iraq as well as the role of the Central Bank’s involvement in consolidating  private banks. They spoke of encouraging them to attain financial inclusion and diversification of banking services and delivery to the farthest point in the country. Also discussed, was the role played by the Association of Iraqi banks with the support of the Central Bank to achieve communication and dealing with banks and correspondent banks around the world, especially European banks.

Mr. Wadeea Al-Handal pointed out the successes achieved by the Central Bank of Iraq under its current administration, especially in the framework of the strategy it has adopted  which is currently under implementation. Discussed in particular is its role in the stability of the exchange rate and the strengthening of monetary policy and governance  which represents the future aspiration. This is the first interview ever conducted by the channel with a personality from the Iraqi economic or banking sector. The Association supported by the Central Bank of Iraq along with the participation of the world renowned musician Nasir Shamma, initiated numerous community activities, foremost of which is the Baghdad project, which gives relief of the displaced and other activities that benefit the people of Iraq .