IPBL honor leaders from the Iraqi economic sector

The Iraq Private Banks League (IPBL), Baghdad, honored several Leaders from the Financial and Banking industry as well as a group of Economic journalists during a Ramadan evening.

Chairman of IPBL, Eng.Wadee Al-Handal said the current year witnessed the re-investment and reconstruction in Iraq as the World Bank announced Iraq’s need for nearly 80 billion dollars for its reconstruction.

In his speech he referred to the community initiatives that the IPBL had set up. This included the initiative of “Baghdad Alaq” to rebuild 20 square meters in Baghdad under the auspices of Dr. Naseer Shamma, noting that “the project in general reached a 60% completion rate”

The banking sector has faced many challenges however it has been able to overcome them by regulated judicial legislations. He expressed the Association’s pride at having a firm partner, namely the Central Bank of Iraq.

Al-Handal praised the efforts of the youth who worked during the Financial Inclusion Week, describing their tireless work as a “Beehive”.

The ceremony was also attended by a number of journalists, some of whom were felicitated for their contributions, Qais al-Murshid, the presenter of the program “Dinar” in Al-Iraqiya TV channel, Abbas Aboud, editor of Al-Sabah newspaper, Hussein Thagb, head of the economy section of Al-Sabah newspaper and Mr.Aysar Jabar.